A surge in ‘extreme rainstorms’ is coming, new report warns


Australia’s risk of extreme rainstorms and floods is expected to increase by at least 10 per cent for every 1°C rise in global temperature – much faster than previously predicted.

Published: The New Daily, 17/01/17

Earth’s hottest year in recorded history


In 2016, the world witnessed the worst coral bleaching event in history, record low sea ice coverage in the Arctic during the start of the northern winter, and monthly temperature records smashed one after the other.

All this is likely to culminate in the just gone year being officially declared Earth’s warmest ever recorded.

Published: The New Daily, 02/01/17

Groundbreaking study pinpoints exactly when humans started warming the planet


An Aussie-led study shows human activity began inducing climate change much earlier than previously thought.

Published: SBS Science, 25/08/16